What’s the Difference Between a Remodel and a Renovation?

When it comes to home projects, it’s easy to mix up the terms “remodel” and “renovation.”

A remodel changes a room’s structure or purpose, while a renovation refreshes the space without altering its basic layout.

This distinction is essential for homeowners to understand before jumping into a project.

Renovation vs Remodel in Burbank, CA

In a remodel, we could knock down walls to create an open-plan living area or convert a bedroom into a home office. Remodeling often involves extensive structural changes and can be more costly and time-consuming.

A renovation, on the other hand, might include re-painting, replacing cabinets, or installing new flooring. These updates improve the look and feel of a room but don’t change its core function or structure.

Understanding these differences helps in setting clear expectations and budgets for your project.

Defining the Terms

We often encounter confusion between the terms “remodel” and “renovation.” Knowing the difference helps homeowners make informed decisions.


Remodeled Home in Burbank

When we remodel a space, we change its form or function. This could mean altering the layout, expanding the room, or even combining spaces.

A remodel can involve major changes like moving walls, installing new electrical systems, or updating plumbing.

For example, if we take out a wall to create an open-concept kitchen, that’s a remodel. Replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower also falls under remodeling.

Remodels often require professional plans and permits due to the structural changes involved.


Renovated Home in Burbank

Renovation focuses on restoring or updating an existing space without changing its fundamental layout. It can include tasks like painting, flooring, or updating fixtures.

Unlike remodels, renovations typically keep the same room structure but make it look and feel new.

Examples include repainting walls, replacing old carpet with hardwood floors, or updating kitchen cabinets.

Renovations can improve aesthetics and increase property value, all while maintaining the room’s original purpose.

Key Differences

A remodel changes the structure and usage of space, while a renovation updates and improves without major structural changes. Let’s explore these differences in detail.

Scope of Work

Remodels often involve altering the structure. This can mean tearing down walls, adding rooms, or changing layouts. It may require permits and adhere to building codes.

Renovations, on the other hand, keep the structure the same. They focus on updating and modernizing.

This can include painting, installing new fixtures, or replacing flooring. No major structural changes are made.

Project Goals

The goal of a remodel is to change the function and appearance of a space. For instance, turning a basement into a living space or splitting a large room into two smaller ones.

Renovations aim to improve and refresh.

Think of updating a kitchen with new cabinets, counters, and appliances without altering its existing footprint. The space remains fundamentally the same but looks and feels new.

Budget Implications

Remodeling usually costs more than renovating. This is because it involves more complex work, such as structural changes and rewiring or replumbing. Specialist contractors and permits add to the cost.

Renovations are usually cheaper. Since they don’t involve major structural work, they require less labor and fewer materials.

Updating finishes and fixtures can quickly enhance spaces without hefty expenses.

Impact on Property Value

A well-done remodel can significantly increase property value. This is especially true if it involves adding functional spaces, like an extra bedroom or bathroom. Buyers appreciate modern, versatile homes.

Renovations can also boost value but to a lesser extent.

Fresh paint, updated kitchens, and new flooring attract buyers but don’t alter how a home is used. They make the home more appealing and market-ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners get confused between the terms remodel and renovate. It’s important to know the differences to make informed decisions about your home improvement projects.

  • Does repainting my home count as a renovation or a remodel?

    Repainting is considered a renovation. It freshens up a space and improves aesthetics without changing the structure or layout of the room.

  • How do renovation and refurbishment differ in home improvement projects?

    Renovation often involves updating or improving an area, whereas refurbishment typically focuses on restoring something to its original state. The difference lies in the extent of the work and the end goal.

  • Can you contrast kitchen updates in terms of remodeling versus renovating?

    Renovating a kitchen might involve new cabinets, countertops, or appliances without changing the layout.

    Remodeling involves structural changes, like knocking down walls, relocating plumbing, or creating an open floor plan.

  • What should I expect to spend on a full house renovation versus a restoration?

    A full house renovation costs vary widely based on the scope and materials. Budget might range from tens to hundreds of thousands.

    Restoration focuses on returning a building to its original state, often costing more due to specialized work and materials.

  • In the context of bathrooms, what distinguishes a remodel from a renovation?

    Renovating a bathroom could mean updating fixtures, tiles, or lighting.

    Remodeling goes further, possibly reconfiguring the layout, expanding the space, or adding new features like a walk-in shower or soaking tub.

  • When deciding between remodeling and rebuilding, what are the key factors to consider?

    Key factors include budget, time, and the desired outcome.

    Remodeling can be less disruptive and more cost-effective, while rebuilding allows for custom design but often costs more and takes longer.

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