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Imagine coming home every day to a house that doesn’t just look good—it feels like a fresh chapter of your life, blending seamlessly into Burbank’s vibrant landscape. That’s the power of a thoughtfully remodeled exterior.

It’s more than just a facelift for your home; it’s a reflection of your style and a nod to the city’s unique charm.

With a focus on craftsmanship, sustainability, and the latest in home design, transforming your home’s exterior isn’t just an investment in your property — it’s an investment in your daily joy.

Welcome to Burbank Remodeling Contractor, where your dream home becomes a reality…

A beautifully externally renovated burbank home with newly installed exterior paint, pergolas and walkway with top-tier landscaping & gardening

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A classic burbank home with external remodeling done on the entrance.

Why Work With Us

When choosing a team for your exterior home remodeling in Burbank, it’s not just about the change; it’s about who leads you there. Our approach is simple:

  • Decades in the Detail: Our Burbank roots grow deep, five generations deep. This isn’t just experience; it’s more than a century-spanning dedication to homes that tell stories.
  • Tailored for Burbank: Your home should fit your life like a glove. We don’t just remodel; we personalize, ensuring your home’s exterior mirrors your unique taste.
  • Quality Without Question: Using top-notch materials is our standard, not a bragging right. Your home deserves the best, and that’s all we offer.
  • Design That Lives On: We blend classic Burbank charm with the new. Your home will stand out and fit in, all at once.
  • With You, For You: Your vision steers the ship. We’re here to make it real, every step of the way, ensuring the journey is as fulfilling as the destination.

In Burbank, homes are landmarks, memories, and futures waiting to unfold. We’re just here to help you write the next chapter.

FeatureBurbank Remodeling ContractorOur Competitors
Generational Experience✅✅5 Generations of Local Expertise✅1 – Or at most 2 Generations in the Business
Customization✅Tailored Remodeling for Each Burbank Home➖Standard Remodeling Options
Material Quality✅Premium, High-Quality Materials Only❌Varies, Often Standard Quality
Design Integrity✅Timeless Burbank Charm Meets Modern Innovation➖Primarily Contemporary Designs
Client Journey✅Collaborative Approach From Start to Finish❌Transactional, Less Personal Service

Our Simple 3 Step Process:

Step 1: Talk and Plan

We start with your vision. You tell us what you dream your home could be, and we listen. We look at your space, discuss your ideas, and plan how to make them fit just right in Burbank. Then, we give you a clear price. No surprises, just the cost of making your home look great.

Step 2: Design and Pick

Next, we take what we talked about and design a remodel that’s all about you and Burbank’s style. We help you pick the best stuff for your home, from strong materials that last to the perfect look that makes you proud.

Step 3: Build and Check

Our team gets to work, building your dream exterior. We keep you updated and make sure everything is done just right. In the end, we walk through with you to make sure your remodeled home is everything you wanted. If it’s not, we’ll make it right.

A simple yet classic burbank home with freshly done exterior remodeling

Our Full Suite of Home Office Remodeling Services:

Here’s a list of the services we offer to elevate your home’s exterior in Burbank:

  • Custom Design: Tailored aesthetics for your unique home.
  • Custom Furniture: Pieces built just for your space.
  • Roof Work: Complete roof fixes and fresh installations.
  • Siding: New siding that protects and beautifies.
  • Windows & Doors: Upgrades for style and efficiency.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Fixtures that add ambiance and security.
  • Landscaping: Gardens and designs that charm.
  • Decks & Patios: Quality outdoor living spaces crafted.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Custom BBQ and kitchen setups for entertaining.
  • Fire Features: Installations of cozy pits and fireplaces.
  • Fencing & Gates: Durable, stylish perimeter solutions.
  • Driveways & Walkways: Paving that leads the way.
  • Paint & Stain: Fresh coats to protect and personalize.
  • Gutters: Ensuring proper rainwater flow.
  • Foundation: Essential repairs for a solid base.
  • Water Features: Serene installations to soothe and impress.
  • Accents: Distinct features that make a statement.
  • Accessibility: Enhancements for easy living.
  • Pergolas & Gazebos: Elegant structures for shade and style.
  • Retaining Walls: Functional support with aesthetic appeal.
  • Storm Reinforcement: Preparations for peace of mind.

Every service is a step towards the home exterior you envision.

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