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Imagine coming home to a cozy, stylish fireplace that’s just perfect for your space. That’s what we bring to you at Burbank Remodeling Contractor.

We know Burbank like the back of our hand. With decades of building and fixing fireplaces, we’re the guys you call to get the job done right and get-it-done fast.

Our team has been around the block more than a few times. We’ve seen it all, from old fireplaces that need a little love to new spaces that need something special. And because of that experience, we understand exactly what Burbank homes need to feel warm and welcoming.

What makes us stand out? It’s not just that we work fast – it’s that we do it with care and a whole lot of know-how. We bring the warmth back to your home without any of the wait.

A custom hand made beautiful fireplace mantle we have at our own burbank residential home

Remember, no matter what your fireplace needs are, we’ve got you covered. Let’s make your space a place where memories are warmed by the fire.

Our Fireplace Remodeling Services:

Inside Your Home (Internal Fireplace):

a modern fireplace for a modern home
  • Design Consultation: We match your fireplace to your home’s look.
  • Material Upgrade: Choose from stone, brick, tile, or marble.
  • Fireplace Inserts: Pick gas, wood, or electric for better efficiency.
  • Mantel Replacement: From classic looks to modern touches.
  • Safety Inspections: We make sure it’s all up to code.
  • Heat Efficiency: Get more warmth with less waste.
  • Ventilation Improvement: For fresher air around the clock.
  • Custom Built-ins: Shelves and cabinets for neat storage.
  • Fireplace Doors: Safety and efficiency in sleek designs.
  • Hearth Extension/Remodel: Safe and stylish adjustments.
  • Painting and Staining: A quick refresh with colors or finishes.
  • Gas Conversion: Easy switch from wood to gas.

Outside Your Home (External Fireplace):

a modern external fireplace in a modern, well maintained burbank backyard
  • Outdoor Design Integration: Your fireplace fits perfectly outdoors.
  • Material Selection: Durable options for any weather.
  • Fire Pit Conversion: Open fire pits for gatherings.
  • Safety and Regulations Check: Fully compliant with local codes.
  • Ventilation Upgrade: Better smoke flow, better air.
  • Seating and Hardscaping: Comfortable spaces to enjoy the fire.
  • Weatherproofing: Protection against rain and wind.
  • Fuel Options: Wood, gas, or bioethanol for flexibility.
  • Lighting Features: Set the mood with ambient lights.
  • Cooking Features: Add a grill or pizza oven.
  • Custom Mantels and Hearths: Built tough, built for outdoors.
  • Efficiency Enhancements: Optimize heat outdoors.

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an old burbank fireplace transformed into a sleek new modern fireplace

Why Choose Us For Your Fireplace Remodel

1. Hometown Pros: We’re from Burbank, just like you. We’ve been doing this for a long time—decades, in fact. We’re not just another team; we’re your neighbors who know how to make fireplaces look and work great.

2. Made Just for You: Your fireplace can be as unique as you want. Whether it’s cozy and classic or sleek and modern, we’ll make it fit your style. If you can dream it, we can build it.

3. Quality at Every Step: We pick the best stuff—stone, brick, you name it—to make sure your fireplace lasts and looks good. Every piece we use is chosen for its strength and style.

4. Fast and Sure: We don’t waste time. We’re quick, but we don’t cut corners. You’ll get a safe, stunning fireplace without a long wait.

5. Safe and Sound: Your family’s safety matters to us. We check every detail to make sure your new fireplace is a safe spot in your home.

FeaturesBurbank Remodeling ContractorOur Competitors
Local Experts✅Grown here in Burbank with decades of experience.❌Based elsewhere
Custom Fit✅Fireplaces made to match your style.➖One-size-fits-all
Building Materials✅The best materials for a top-notch fireplace.➖The regular stuff
Quick Work✅Fast service that doesn’t keep you waiting.✅Slow and steady
Safety First✅A safe fireplace for cozy nights.❌Cross your fingers
an old brick fireplace renovated into an almost new looking fireplace

Our 3 Step Process:

Step 1: Plan With You

We start by listening. What do you want your fireplace to be like? We’ll talk it over, look at your space, and sketch out some awesome ideas.

Step 2: Pick the Parts

Next, we pick out the cool stuff your fireplace will be made of—like stone or marble. We’ll find the perfect fit for what you need, making sure it looks good and does its job well.

Step 3: Make It Happen

Then, we get to work building it. Our crew is super skilled, and we keep you posted all along the way. We’re fast, we’re careful, and we don’t stop until it’s done just right.

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